Before restoration
After restoration

« All acts, the most complete is that to construct. »
(Paul Valéry)

It is a material which is. Which is before, in the beginning, who is tomorrow. It shows on the surface under our steps always: STONE.
Exercising a fascination on our sincerely, imagination allowed almost all equilibrium, all boldness. Art of problems are proof there.

Stone is the original material that memory carries in her, within its strata and these faults, signs, traces, pictures of all past lives and to come.

The passion of stone

The transformation of stone, " its transformation ", I could notice it, apply it in the course of my trips across France and foreigner.

Stony suit since 7 generations, localised in Toulouse (France), I try hard to emphasize your heritage, being a product modifications, of restorations, enlargement, by my culture of observation, understanding of existent architecture and your wishes.
I carry out jobs where they blend an ancestral know-how, technical and economic pressures, forever to reach un but work.

Our preference is to use natural materials (stones, lime, sand) in order to to respect the history of the building at best.

Some realizations
Rénovation d’un dallage
Restauration d’un pigeonnier
Croix du pigeonnier

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